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Welcome to Flash Tech, Inc., Home of FLASHJET, a patented process developed by The Boeing Company.  The FLASHJET Coatings Removal Process can selectively remove coatings from delicate metal or composite components without damage to underlying substrates.  Compared with other processes, it eliminates the majority of the stripping by-product waste stream, making it environmentally safe.  The FLASHJET Process is cost-effective, and user friendly.

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Flash Tech, Inc.

bulletWhat we are
bulletFlash Tech, Inc. was formed from a divestiture by The Boeing Company.  McDonnell Douglas (then Boeing) developed the FLASHJET Technology into a production aircraft coatings removal process.  All rights to the FLASHJET Technology - Intellectual Property, Proprietary Information, Patents and Trademark - were acquired by Flash Tech, Inc.
bulletWho we are
bulletThe people that form the core of Flash Tech, Inc. are the developers of FLASHJET from The Boeing Company. We continue to support all current systems, improve the process and market FLASHJET Technology.  We offer our state-of-the-art coatings removal process for a variety of applications, from component parts to aircraft.  Other applications are possible.

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Telephone.....314-895-3200    [ Directory ]

bulletMailing address.....5820 Fee Fee Road, Hazelwood, MO 63042
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bulletInformation: wschmitz@flashtech-inc.com
bulletWebmaster: sking@flashtech-inc.com
We are located just west of Lambert St. Louis International Airport, at 5820 Fee Fee Road in Hazelwood, Missouri, one block south of McDonnell Boulevard.
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